- Since 1965 -

Managing Director, Enzo Barbaglia, established Pabar in 1965 after emigrating from Italy. Today, Pabar is a major supplier to the motor industry and other non-automotive markets. Mike Barbaglia, Enzo's son, is the Manufacturing Director and has been actively involved in the business since 1981.

Pabar employs over 320 staff members,

Including dedicated and experienced group of professionals who are equally able and willing to work together with client's requirements to implement processes for cutting edge solutions.

Pabar manufactures high quality metal pressings and roll formed components for a diverse market. Pabar is situated in an industrial area of Chamdor 32,5Km from Johannesburg in South Africa. Pabar has a site area of 17 240 m² and Factory Area of 12 366 m².


Our strength has been our entrepreneurial approach in developing a diversified product range for various
markets. In an ever growing industry with new innovations in development we have the capability,
knowledge and experience to produce products and provide services into all area of manufacturing.


Automotive Metal pressings

Wire eroding


Powder coating

Outsourced services

Tool & Die making

General engineering

Pipe bending

Robotic spot welding

Roll forming

At Pabar we only produce the highest quality steel products, we comply with IATF/16949 : 2016 industry standards. We pride ourselves in manufacturing components to our clients with good value and quality that will assist them in their operations. Pabar provides steel component manufacturing services to a range of industries including:

Green Eco Products