Pabar has its own de-coiling facility, and has led to the use of five fully automated feeder line decoiling installations which process coils into sheet steel. 

The decoiling lines process coils from 1 mm up to and including 4 mm, with maximum widths of 1225 mm. The lines can process 5-tonne coils.


Pabar has the capability to manufacture roll forms of various profiles.

We currently manufacture Automotive Load Box Top Rails and Industrial Lighting Components. 


  • Roll forming machines
  • Nissan rope rails

Large Press Shop:

Pabar has 10 large hydraulic presses ranging from 150 tonnes to 1200 tonnes. These are doubleaction presses with a maximum cushion pressure of 500 tonnes. The maximum bed size is up to 3m x 2m. Mechanical presses . . . . .

Small Press Shop:

Pabar has a variety of mechanical and hydraulic presses ranging from 30 tonnes to 150 tonnes.

Welding Assembly:

MIG / MAG (Co2) Robotic welding assembly line for safety critical components.

Spot Welding Automotive Assemeblies:

25 pedestal spot welders and 8 hanging stations.

Specialized Automation Systems (Lights manufacturing):

Most recently developed and produced to enable considerably more complex process steps to be carried out, including an automatic final testing of the light fitting.

Pabar also keeps up with technology and has invested in specialized automation systems.  

Designed technology for the automatic wiring of standard components, this developed into a series to suit various client requirements.

Finally a modular system which is usually designed to meet individual requirements for complex assembly lines with high production volumes and throughput rates.

Powder Coating Lines:

Two in-house powder coating lines, running on a camel back system complete with powder coating booth and curing ovens, used for mainly our lighting and other applications.


Take a peek inside our WonderworldPabar is self sufficient with its own in-house toolroom. We run a preventative tool maintenance programme, as well as a full CAD CAM system and have the facility to do reverse engineering.


  • CNC milling machines
  • CNC wire eroder
  • Milling machines
  • Surface grinders
  • Lathes
  • Radial drills
  • 3D measuring arm for fine measurements
  • Renishaw digitizing machine (Reverse engineering)
  • Toolmakers 5 years experience to 30 years experience

Combining Expertise & Equipment

Our 11 526 square meter facility is equipped with a modern toolroom which houses state-of-the-art technology. All of the tools in our toolroom are designed, and maintained by our talented team of toolmakers who have many years of experience in creating transfer and progressive tooling. The latest CNC equipment is utilised to produce precise tools. Our experienced staff uses the latest CAM software to generate all machining programs used in the toolroom. The toolroom also enables us to carry out R&D on tooling for new products and processes. The toolroom operates at flexible shifts so it can fully support the tooling maintenance requirements of manufacturing.